Important dates in the history of The Denki Shimbun


First edition of the Electrical News, forerunner to The Denki Shimbun (8-page, A4-size, published every 10 days)

1923 Printing works destroyed by fire during the Great Kanto Earthquake; temporary halt of business. Planographic printing replaced by rotary press with relaunch of newspaper
1927 Number of editions increased to six per month
1940 Amalgamation of all influential electricity related newspapers to form The Denki Shimbun
1941 The Pacific War begins
1942 The Japan Electric Association (JEA) takes over publication of The Denki Shimbun following the Newspaper Integration Decree
1944 Paper shortage reduces publication to three times per week
1945 The Pacific War ends
1951 Restructuring of electricity industry creates nine regional electric power companies
1952 The Denki Shimbun published every other day
1956 Various events held to commemorate approach of 50th anniversary. Launch of system to dispatch reporters to branch offices
1957 The Denki Shimbun becomes a daily
1966 Contract with Jiji Press. Special correspondents dispatched overseas
1975 Move to new company offices (present Yurakucho Denki Bldg)
1997 Launch of The Denki Shimbun website
1998 Launch of computer-based content management system
1999 Launch of image data management system
2001 An exhibition of photographs of 50 years of electric power held at 10 locations throughout the country attracts a total of 70,000 visitors
2003 Newspaper printing in Osaka launched
2005 Launch of new image data management system (total digitalization of photo operations). Image data filing system upgraded
2006 100th anniversary of first edition of The Denki Shimbun commemorated with numerous events, including an International Symposium in Tokyo. Energy education awards established and 1st awards ceremony held. Renewal of title design and editorial content for the 100th anniversary. Renewal of content management system.