The background, role and activities of The Denki Shimbun


A century of news

The first edition of The Denki Shimbun was printed on November 3, 1907. In over 100 years since, The Denki Shimbun has played a leading role in Japan’s media. We are proud of its distinguished past and tradition.

In 1942, following the Newspaper Integration Decree, the Japan Electric Association (JEA) took over publication of The Denki Shimbun. It continues to run the paper today.

At a time of turbulence in the area of global energy, Japan’s energy industries, most notably the electric power industry, are experiencing drastic changes, including the liberalization of retail electricity.

Within its pages, The Denki Shimbun depicts these changes with keen insight.

Varied, high quality content

The Denki Shimbun offers a wide variety of news, including exhaustive national coverage of government energy policy, electric utility policy and personnel changes, electrical manufacturing, management and trends in the information technology industry, and trends in construction and materials in the electrical equipment industry. It also provides commentary on and explanations of current news, as well as graphs and cartoons.

The overwhelming support that The Denki Shimbun receives from its readers can only be thanks to wide approval of the paper’s editorial policy, which is to provide high-quality information required by those on the frontline of electricity-related industries, from new employees through to top management.

Supported by a wide reader base

As the leading publication in electricity-related industries, The Denki Shimbun’s readership includes politicians, central and local governments, information and telecommunication industries, iron and steel makers, chemical and machinery manufacturers, research institutes, banks and security traders, universities, consumer groups, community opinion leaders and overseas subscribers.

Providing new media forms

While readership of The Denki Shimbun is increasing, technical journalism is becoming more and more diverse. We cover all the hot topics of the moment, including trends in nuclear power, community issues, global environmental issues, energy conservation and the communications industry. Moreover, in accordance with the needs of the Internet age, our website provides users with a rich source of information and data and keeps them up-to-date with online magazines.

Developing the publishing business

The Denki Shimbun publishes the Quarterly Electric Power Industry Personnel Directory and the Electricity Almanac. It also produces a wide variety of publications, from one-off books on electricity, nuclear power and energy issues to a series of pocket-size books about The Denki Shimbun.

Business forums, culture and sport

Taking advantage of its expertise and wealth of experience in the field of journalism, The Denki Shimbun sponsors various sport and cultural events, as well as overseas research missions and seminars. Such seminars have, in the past, included the Liberalization Seminar for Utilities and the Nuclear Power PA Seminar.